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Rhiannon, S2K Construction Specialist/Projects Facilitator has been aligned with Sanders-2000, Inc.™ for several years, first as an administrative specialist assigned to S2K construction services, and now as the S2K Construction Specialist. This busy lady also handles specific client/customer sevice duties as the assigned Projects Facilitator. An English major/Spanish minor at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, she respects the value of excellent communication skills, and contributes valuable support when working with S2K clients and customers.


Allen joined Sanders-2000, Inc.™ in 2008, bringing a unique skill set to the S2K team. His interest in electronic media, and an unusual gift of retaining massive amounts of minute details have, in combination, placed him in the important role of S2K Contract Administration Technician. Working directly under S2K's Contract Administrator & Systems Consultant, Allen's day-to-day efforts are instrumental in seeing that operations, project management, and information systems are progessing smoothly.

Expertise: Information Systems & Operation Details


April joined the Sanders-2000, Inc.™ team in 2009, and earned her slot as a Design Associate in less than a year. She is not only an important team member in design development, photography, and production, she also utilizes her expertise in S2KMarkit™ and at jobsites. Her open personality and willingness to "dive-in" ensures that April is a favorite of S2K clients.

Expertise: Imaging, Marketing Design, and Photography


Jim joined the Sanders-2000, Inc.™ team in 2009, bringing with him years of experience in the construction industry, as well as an intense interest in the arts. Functioning in the position of Projects Facilitator, he is a key element in S2K's "game plan" for customer service. His customer responsibility begins with the initial contact, progresses through estimating, project management, jobsite installation, and then continues through the system's life cycle. As an S2K Projects Facilitator, he makes time in his schedule to see that S2K clients and customers experience only the highest level of services from the S2K organization. With expertise in all areas of the work, he takes pride in responding efficiently to customer needs from initial contact and concept development through project completion and system maintenance.

Expertise: Client Contact, Art, Graphic Design, and Project Management